How do Planners participate?
You need to send us a request from the home page link. Once we receive your completed form we will then verify the potential you have of bringing group business to Dominic Republic/ Punta Cana. As soon as we verify your potential to bring business we will reply with an acceptance letter and all final details. The destination makes a major investment since the only item responsible for you and your guest, client, spouse, etc. (optional) therefore we must ensure a potential ROI. I hope you understand our effort and terms.

What is the cost for a meeting planner to participate?
The only items you are responsible for is airfare and incidentals. However we have obtained a fare of $350.00 USD plus tax from anywhere in the USA , Canada & Puerto Rico with American Airlines.

Can I make my own travel arrangements or do I have to use AA?
Absolutely! However you must be able to participate all 4 days of the program. You will have
15 days from the day we accept your participation to purchase your air and send us your confirmation. Otherwise we will be force to cancel your acceptance. We cannot afford to have another planner interested and lose his opportunity.

How do I make my reservation with AA?
Once we have accepted your participation we will then send you the record locator for this event along with the 800 number for you to make your reservation.

Can I bring a spouse or guest?
Yes, However an additional charge will apply.

Can my spouse or guest participate in the networking events?

Who makes my hotel reservation?
We will select the hotel based on your program needs. A confirmation number will be sent to you thirty days prior to the event.

Must I participate in all events?
Yes, Planners who no-show to any scheduled events will be charged a $150.00 per night plus applicable taxes. Events marked as “Optional” are not considered as part of this condition. Please be aware that each hotel as well as the destination are making a major investment to showcase the Dominican Republic.

What is the dress code?
Business and resort casual throughout the program.

Are kids allow?
No. Kids are not allowed to participate.

Can I bring my client?
Absolutely. They would need to register online as well.

Can I choose the hotel of preference?
No. We will select the hotel that best matches your potential group needs. You may make the request, but we cannot guarantee that you will be hosted at your selected hotel.

What Hotels are providing accommodations for planners?
Hard Rock Café Resort & Casino
Melia Resort- Caribe

Can I come in before or extend my stay?
Yes, However you will be responsible for your room rate for the additional nights. Pre and post rates are available.